Page 7 - Haradali Annual Report
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Chairman’s Statement

     In comparison to our Bench Mark Rate linked to the one year T-Bill Yield Rate the nominal return would

     have been 71% over the same period, therefore Haradali has outperformed the T-Bill Rate and the DSE
     Index over the duration of its lifetime. We see no reason why this should not be the case over extended

     periods of time. I therefore urge you to hold steady, invest more, so that when the upswing happens, as
     it will in the mid to long term, you will reap the benets of your resilience and patience.


     I am honoured to chair the board that has led to favourable performance of the fund and my appreciation
     goes to the Cornerstone Partners Management team and sta for their devotion and hard work in making

     sure that our fund is sustainable and our clients satised.

     Moreover, I give my gratitude to the Haradali shareholders in Class A, Class B and Mwanzo Association for

     the cooperation and condence with the Haradali Capital Fund throughout the year 2018 despite the
     numerous challenges encountered. I also thank the regulators the Capital Market and Security Authority

     (CMSA), Government and other stakeholders for their continued support to our fund.

     I am very condent of the fund’s future prospects and look forward to continued success in the year 2019.


     Kwesi Amonoo-Neizer


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