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About the Fund

Haradali Capital Investment Fund

We are a private investment company for discerning investors who seek to establish investment portfolios in listed equities, bonds and money market instruments and who are willing to seek exposure in both domestic and East African opportunities with the potential to generate high real returns.

Our mission and vision is to provide long-term capital growth through investments in selected opportunities in East African Capital and Financial Markets, by providing an avenue for investors to collectively pool their resources and take advantage of investment opportunities at relatively large scales that would be possible for an average investor.

Market Statistics

Dar Es Salaam Stock Exchange

TSI 3,923.33
DSEI 2,350.23


20 SHARE INDEX 3,851.37
25 Index 4,944.09
FTSE NSE Kenya 15 Index 242.04
FTSE NSE Kenya 25 Index 250.57
FTSE NSE Govt. Bond Index 93.59


USE ALSI 2,017.00
USE LSI 390.00


USE ALSI 133.93
USE LSI 133.27



Haradali Capital Funds - Historical NAV

NAV Per Unit of Haradali Fund as on 28/ 02/ 2018 is Tshs 199.96/=. Sale price per Unit for the month of March 2018 is Tshs 199.96/=.

Jul - 186.73 TShs

Jun - 188.88 TShs

May - 180.69 TShs

Apr - 178.14 TShs

Mar - 175.66 TShs

Feb - 171.87 TShs

Jan - 173.47 TShs

How to Invest

Bank Transfer/ Deposit
Cash Payment
Mobile Money

Investment Process

Our investment objective and policy is to create a long term growth portfolio with a superior risk adjusted return. Diversification as a goal is secondary to fundamental analysis and research on the growth prospects of the:

  1. Country
  2. Sector
  3. Asset Class
  4. Individual Asset

Our investment approach and process is based on:

  1. Interactions with research analysts network of contacts.
  2. Analysis of quality of management, market position of company, potential earnings growth and valuation of company will also be applied.
  3. Intensive fundamental research and company analysis and company visits

Target Asset Allocation

Current Asset Allocation

Historical NAV Trend

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